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Our Story

Inspiration, Creation & Service

In its beginnings around the year 2002, Spirit Lace began as an importer and wholesaler that distributed textiles in America, over the years we learned and grew hand in hand with our customers and factories.

Today our line has been completely transformed into collections focused on design and renewed seasonally.

We now have the ability to create and develop the finest fabrics for couture designers and high-end contemporary brands.

The Highest Quality

With our exquisite attitude to detail, we hand-select our materials, from thread to crystal, from trend forecasting to curating.


We take great care in keeping our products exclusive to our customers.


We seek to give the best customer experience, and we work with renowned shipping companies.


The products we handle are always guaranteed, and of the best quality.

Claudia Favela

EEUU – México – Canadá

Yesenia Cañas